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ARC BIZ has a vast experience in the Export of precious and semi-precious Gemstones especially in Lapis Lazuli , jade and Calcite from Rough to handicrafts..

The Gemstones and Crystals that are mined in Pakistan and Afghanistan and readily available at ARC BIZ are:

Lapis( jundak,madani old mine material)
Jade(Nephrite, serpentine,grssular and new jade)
Calcite( blue, pink,lemon,rose,pistachio,choclate,banded,)
RUBY (Bright Red, Pinkish Red and in Blackish Red colors)
EMERALD (Grass Green, Light Green and Dark bright Green colors)
a: Imperial Topaz: (Golden color with reddish hue)
b: Precious Topaz: (Golden color)
c: White Topaz: (White and light Golden colors)
d: Pink Topaz: Mined from the Katlang area of Pakistan very rare.

TOURMALINE (Blue, Blue Green, Pink, Bio colors ,chrome, Green and Water Melon)
AQUAMARINE (Sea green with light blue touch)
PERIDOT (Bright Green and Olive green colors)
GARNET (Red and Green colors)
AMETHYST (Purpal colors)
FLUORITE (Greenish Blue, Neon blue, allple green colors)
KUNZITE (Pink, Mauve, Green and Yellow colors)
LAPIS LAZULI (blue, Royal blue, Dark Blue, Spotted Blue)
CRYSTAL QUARTZ (White, Smoky, Rose colors)

Our Top most specialty are Lapis Lazuli,Jade,Calcite,Tourmaline, Kunzite, Topaz, and Peridot.

The skilled labor in Pakistan is very cheap so our cost will be much lower as compare to international market and quality will be 100% same. We can also provide our own unique designs to our customer on their request further customised orders are welcome by ARCBIZ.