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Sphere sends energy in all directions and what else reason is needed to buy the beautiful looking Lapis Lazuli Sphere (Crystal Ball). Among the turbulence and chaos of today’s world, this natural stone ball helps you in getting positive energy and spread a positive aura all around.

Lapis lazuli balls or spheres are the most unique way to enhance your healing experience. Lapis Lazuli crystal ball . It would also make a show piece to display in your room so that it distributes a feeling of mystery into your environment. Lapis Lazuli spheres are great for Feng Shui cures, healing crystal work, scrying, gazing or as a distinctive addition for the collector. Excellent polish and finish. Natural inclusions. Includes complimentary stand. Gives a welcoming glow. Reflects your many moods.

Hold this expensive-looking and spectacular Lapis Lazuli Sphere (Crystal Ball) in your hands during meditation and other holistic sessions to gain positive energy. This stone is also very famous for the healing of throat-related problems and relief of stress.