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We select best quality Lapis blocks for slices direct from lapis Quarries in Afghanistan. ARCBIZ uses only the highest quality natural stone and master craftsmanship in the manufacturing of it’s products.

Lapis lazuli slices are often carved from the raw stone’s initial form, meaning that the artisan will typically decide on a shape based on what the raw stone looks like. The base of the rock is taken as a main reference point with the rest of the rock completing the figurine’s shape. Thus, lapis lazuli carvings are truly an inspired art form. No two carvings are the same.

Unique slices of Lapis Lazuli ranging in size and ready to share its ancient energy with you. Lapis truth, balance, wisdom, disorganization, immune system, courage, communication, and clarity of the mind. Sized of slices, shapes and inclusions will vary.