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We are manufacture, exporter and wholesaler supplier of Table tops in lapis lazuli gemstone from Afghanistan.Nature gifted a unique present to Afghanistan, That is lapis lazuli gemstone, which are found in mountains of Afghanistan. For the last 7000 years Lapis is being minedout from Badakhshan Afghanistan. Color is Berlin Blue ( Madan-e-char)to light blue ( Madan-e-Panch).

ARCBIZ import lapis lazuli direct from Mine Owners in Afghanistan, then bring them into factories and cut them into various sizes, there after convert into different kinds of shapes,Tiles , slabs ,slices,rubbing and polishing will be applied in the end to bring shining and smoothness to the handicrafts.

These unique decorative Table tops, are crafted from lapis lazuli gemstone.Each natural stone Table tops has been beautifully sculpted by hand from pieces of stone. An impressive, unique gift or decorative home accessory.This exquisite lapis lazuli Table top is an absolute beauty.It is suitable for an individual or corporate gift. A useful gift people will remember you for. So win more friends with this lovely gift, they will treasure.

ARCBIZ brings you beautifully designed quality Lapis Lazuli Table Tops to adorn any space in your place. Lapis Lazuli can be effectively used to make decorative table tops that complement the Home , Office ,Restaurants, Hotels, Coffee Shops decor. Featuring artistic designs in bright colors, Lapis Lazuli table tops can be assembled with a variety of bases ranging from wrought iron to cast stone sculptures. the Shine of our lapis lazuli products are natural, there are no dyes or lacre are used to enhance its polish, we use natural process for polishing to create its shine,