Lapis Bluestone Dice

Lapis Bluestone Dice

Lapis bluestone dice are dice that are made from lapis lazuli, a gemstone known for its deep blue color. The term “bluestone” is often used to describe lapis lazuli, due to its deep blue color. Lapis lazuli is a relatively soft stone, so it may be used in dice that are primarily made of another material, such as wood or plastic, with the lapis lazuli serving as a decorative element. Lapis bluestone dice can be beautiful and unique decorative objects, adding a touch of color and natural beauty to a room. They can be used for playing board games or other games that require dice, or they can be used as decorative pieces on their own. Lapis bluestone dice can be found in a range of sizes and styles, from small dice suitable for tabletop games to larger dice that can be used for outdoor games.


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