Top Quality Lemon Calcite Wand

Top Quality Lemon Calcite Wand

A lemon calcite wand is a natural formation of lemon calcite that takes the shape of a wand. These wands are believed to be used for healing and energy work. The wand shape is said to help focus and direct energy, making it a popular choice for use in crystal healing practices. Lemon calcite wands are believed to have similar properties to tumbled lemon calcite stones, such as promoting mental clarity, positive energy, and emotional balance. They are also said to help with decision making, and can also help with digestion and metabolism. Additionally, lemon calcite wands are said to be particularly useful for healing the solar plexus chakra, and for balancing the emotions. They can be used to direct energy during healing sessions, or to focus one’s intention during meditation. The wand shape is also believed to help with manifestation and manifestation of desires.


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